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Facilitation + Workshops

Mycorrising’s approach to facilitation is deeply, innately humanizing for everyone involved- prioritizing people over agenda. By leaning deep into the processes, they are able to create the space for people to wholly engage and grow in ways that crosspollenate into every other aspect of their work and lives. 


The core of Mycorrising’s work is learning to be in relationship as human beings through a natural systems lens. When processes and facilitation fail to make room for humanity, we limit our potential. The impact of this limitation  is that we give power to our least supportive and least healthy patterns- we unintentionally center colonial, patriarchal, and capitalist systems. We conscript our processes into the service of our own limitations. 


Towards humble integrity, Mycorrising’s facilitation is a practice expanding both awareness and presence- keeping an eye on emerging group dynamics, power differentials, group/individual needs while co-creating an atmosphere for emergence of what truly wants/needs to come through for the group.


At Mycorrising, estephanie’s love for the people she works with is palpable, and they addresses even minute expressions of thought contrary to growth and integrity in real time. Their facilitation is simultaneously deeply empathetic and also profoundly direct. The combination of these things creates a courageous and anti-fragile space which is also beautifully challenging and growth-inducing. 


Beyond facilitation of discrete group processes, Mycorrising also approaches workshop facilitation through a similar lens carrying the same threads of ethic, practice, and pedagogy. Workshops are an interactive and fun way for a group to share growth while reaching their learning and training goals. Topics for workshop facilitation include;


  • Linguistics of Collective Power and Liberation

  • Staying Ahead of the Perpetual Dilution of Emergent Linguistics of Power

  • Identification of Capacities and Consent Within an Organization

  • Transparent Intersectionality: Individual and Collective Social Identity Mapping

  • Consent and Boundaries in the Workplace

  • Reclaiming Agency of Inherited Mythologies: The Artifice of Limitation and Expansion of Power

  • Conscious Pedagogies: How We Teach Each Other in Real Time

  • Community Responsibilities and Duties

  • Friction Fire as an Applied Metaphor for Organizational Change

  • The Subtlety and Nuance of Mission Integrity for Leadership

  • Effective and Empowering Approaches to Problematic Behavior

Let’s Work Together

Unceded Penobscot Territory

Wabanaki Dawnland

Unity, ME 04988 


IG: @mycorrising

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