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The word “consultation” comes from the Latin com calare, which means “to summon together.”


Mycorrising’s consultation is a relational process - embarking into depths of work that clear paths to fostering the kind of culture and structures that best support our intentions. It is a process of collaboratively drawing out the consciousness of our developmental strategies. This starts with the tending of fertile soil, capable of supporting our individual and organizational growth into ancient futures through the vulnerable weaves of grief, growth, truth, and joy. 


Mycorrising brings to this work a range of relational strategies; organizational tools, reflective mirroring for greater self-awareness, group assessments, feedback systems, mechanisms for conflict and repair, honor for all expressions of intelligences, and a powerfully humanizing lens. 


Mycorrising provides guidance and accountability that can mean the difference between an organization following through on this world-healing growth or stalling out while not reaching the deeper, more potent undercurrents that truly carries us through this fruition. With practice, the collective body becomes more closely aligned with their shared values and the organization’s self-image becomes more accurate and grounded in integrity- nested within the Greater Whole.


Mycorrising offers a range of consultation services, specializing in longer term transformational growth.


Connect with estephanie, lead practitioner at Mycorrising for an introduction call and discuss how they can best support your journey.


Let’s Work Together

Unceded Penobscot Territory

Wabanaki Dawnland

Unity, ME 04988 


IG: @mycorrising

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