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Débora Paredes

Meet Débora | Contributing Hyphae  
Practitioner at Mycorrising

Débora Paredes, ancestors spirited from the mother mountains of Anahuac and forests of the Maya, follower of the whispers guiding them to Wabanakiek. It is here where their reclamación happened. A deep believer in flowing with the changing tides and rebuilding true communities, they engage in movement building while striving to call in the knowledge of our wisest teachers. 

Bridging the Dream


Sueños (dreams). Existing between the spirit and physical never quite grounding in each but infinitely imagining what could become. Swimming in seas of sorrow and seemingly chaos wondering where exactly things went wrong. Some hearing the whispers from our lineages but never quite knowing how to jump because being taught to dream won't make a profit. Taking refuge in imagination and hoping tomorrow might be better because that's what I was told.


 A hope that is not strong enough for us to act but strong enough to keep you up at night. Remembering always that Octavia taught us change is constant and change is God but what does that really mean for las madres (the mothers) protecting their children from the ever shifting elements and proud boys clamoring at their door. Demanding to take and take when they have nothing they can give away but their dignity. 


Dreaming, awake or not, is where we can find ourselves if we listen closely enough. What do those moments of stillness tell you and how can we make friends with the swirling thoughts within? How can we make change the divinity we see, and yet still, also within ourselves? 


And if our dreams are telling us of a paradise, liberation and freedom, back home to where the prayers of my ancestors are from yet reality, whatever that means, screams that this will never happen again. How can we respond knowing our tears and pleas fall on the ears of those who won’t hear the whispers anymore and knowing in our hearts that they also chose to conjure this truth. 


Change, we need change. A shift driven by people that tells us we’ve never really been alone, we are the bridge, the connection we seek. Bridges to other worlds and possibilities occulted from our consciousness for milenia, a force that seeks to destroy rather than flow with the forces of chaos. The ever shifting nature of networks within our bodies, a fractal, a reflection of what la naturaleza (nature) teaches us. 


Where does the synergy of change and our dreams lie therein? Within the togetherness of practice, weaving our networks inside and out. Noticing the origin of god and change in nature and taking their lead knowing that they are full of the wisdom some refuse to understand. Practicing paradise here and now knowing that there is only here and now. Here is where we set our reality to true freedom. In knowing that there is no requirement in this stillness, we have no obligation to this reality we are given. We are the masters of our own truth and this truth can ring with the spirit of our wisest teachers. 


We only need to remember that this is where we started. Long ago when our ancestors were dreaming of us, a dream that they too conjured, imbuing us with the magic of  responsibility that is louder with each passing day as our collective sensibilities shift. A sacred responsibility created by the virtue of each of our births, an honored birthright we have forgotten again. We ignore boundaries and consent with each other and therefore the lands on which we stand pillaging each other from our own humanity and those who are more than.


Through this together we stand to shift the tides of the constant narrative we are fed, knowing that there is truth to learn from the elders surrounding us and the knowing within

Que escuchas? (what do you hear?)

Let’s Work Together

Unceded Penobscot Territory

Wabanaki Dawnland

Unity, ME 04988 


IG: @mycorrising

Thanks! I'll be in touch soon.
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