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QT+BIPOC Support

Mycorrising offers situational support & contractual support over time, such as;

  • individualized emotional support calls, which can look like listening, mirroring, validation, identifying and expressing a boundary, and illumination of pathways forward;

  • grounding in the larger systemic fractal, which can look like support speaking to the nuance of systemic themes of violence and how they can manifest in our daily life and actions;

  • helping individuals and groups hold awareness of all parties relative positionality in process;

  • being present for recurring meetings;

  • supporting communications 

  • liaising with or between involved parties


this offering may best serve you if…

⭒ you are participating in an conflict resolution process.

⭒ awareness and navigation of power & bias are going unacknowledged.

⭒ you do not feel seen or heard in your concerns.

⭒ communications between you and your more privileged co-workers have been rocky, but it seems you all are committed to being in relationship, but navigating boundaries and communication.



Let’s Work Together

Unceded Penobscot Territory

Wabanaki Dawnland

Unity, ME 04988 


IG: @mycorrising

Thanks! I'll be in touch soon.
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