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mycorrising MIRRORING

with Estephanie Martinez-Alfonzo

Organizational Mirroring

Mycorrising’s Organizational Mirroring is an extended, facilitated process that guides organizations into a clear, more accurate self-image. Through a series of whole-organization convergences, cross-sectional interviews, witnessing, invitational feedback practices, affirmations and acknowledgments, and other practices; Mycorrising brings an organization into an honest view of itself.

Coming out of this process, an organization will share deeper understanding, vocabulary, analysis, and perspective across all it’s strata, from board members to interns. This shared perspective and vocabulary lays the necessary foundation for further meaningful growth, whatever direction that may take. It allows internal organizational communication to be grounded in the same shared reality.

The activities and practices that an organization engages in through this work are designed to create a shared tone and culture, and many are really fun. We are learning to see one another’s humanity more clearly, and affirming our collective desire for community, support, and meaningful collaboration on our shared work.

By engaging in this kind of clarifying co-reflection and co-witnessing with positivity and affirmation, Organizational Mirroring sets a tone for future dialogue that is open, accessible, and exciting. Many of us struggle to love what we see in the mirror; we sometimes feel shame or even hate for parts of ourselves. This is a barrier to self-love, which is therefore a barrier to deep growth and healing. The same pattern applies to organizations. Because of this, there is no grading, no finger-pointing, judgement, or comparison of any kind in this process. It is simply a learning to see, validate, and love where we are at. Rather than being “something to deal with” or feeling secondary to our organization’s work and mission; Organizational Mirroring reframes cultural work, including conflict and iterations harms, as central to our ongoing process and an opportunity to step into deeper relationship and efficacy.

In a nutshell, Organizational Mirroring is the co-creation of a stable foundation for an organization to operate from. Instances of harm like racism or sexism, conflict in general, can feel threatening and destabilizing for an organization. It doesn’t have to be. By looking at ourselves honestly, we can give these challenges the space they deserve, contextualize them within broader organizational and cultural patterns that we are now familiar with, and use them to move into closer relations and collective power.

Both the length of this process and the cost are contingent on the size and scale of the organization.

Please refer to the Boundaries for Collaboration page for details on how we can move forward.


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