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with Estephanie Martinez-Alfonzo


Together we must rise. Rise into balanced relationship, deeper awareness, and whole empowerment that helps us connect, respect, and engage with this beautiful world we co-inhabit.

‘Mycorrhizae’ are mutually beneficial networks of relationship between plants and fungi. The name of this organization - Mycorrising - is a play on this word. This work, like mycorrhizal relationships, is mutually connective and supportive. For our liberation across differences, we can only rise together; we can only co-rise. and, the work is also personal; it can only be yours. It can only come from within you. So, this is your co-rising. or, if you were to say it in the first person; my co-rising.


My work is an invitation to come together, from our roots, and foster symbiotic relationships that feed and support healing and growth for all of us. To honor and compost what is not in service of Life; feeding and cultivating new soils for future generations to live from.

By examining patterns, structures, and cultures through a lens both broader and older than colonization, Mycorrising can illuminate new pathways for leadership, education, and organizational modalities which are rooted in supportive, more equitable paradigms. This takes many forms; exercises, presentations, interviews, vocabulary exploration, reflections, games, cultural events, book clubs, consulting sessions, and is always shifting and evolving.


I have a vision of a more balanced world; growing out of our current reality with all it’s grief and challenges - a radically different way of being, with supportive structures and culture of empowerment, humility, compassion, reciprocity, and relationship to land, self, community, and spirit. 

Mycorrising invites us to engage in the manifestation and embodiment of this more balanced world intersectionality; working to clearly recognize our complex networks of lineage and lived experience; intergenerational traumas and powerful visions.


Regardless of our identities, we each carry unique constellations of intersecting privilege and oppression, supremacy and trauma.

When we can see this clearly, in ourselves and one another, we can better act from a place of honesty and vulnerability. Our intentions can collectively create a fertile container to support each other’s humanity.


This is nuanced work; asking us to access deeper parts of ourselves where our ancestors and wisdom lie. This work brings up different awarenesses and criticisms of every aspect of our lives and is re-framed by the critical analysis of colonization and the process of dismantling internalized white supremacy. This work is not exclusive to white privileged people and when we can see these pieces, our awareness germinates into a deep responsibility to co-create pathways for further healing, understanding, and change.



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