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with Estephanie Martinez-Alfonzo


together. rise into balanced relationship, deeper awareness, and whole empowerment that helps us connect, respect, and engage with this beautiful world we co-inhabit.

‘mycorrhizae’ are mutually beneficial networks of relationship between plants and fungi. the name of this organization - Mycorrising - is a play on this word. this work, like mycorrhizal relationships, is mutually connective and supportive. for our liberation across differences, we can only rise together; we can only co-rise. and, the work is also personal; it can only be yours. only you can choose. 


so, this is your co-rising. or, if you were to say it in the first person; my co-rising.



Mycorrising’s offerings are in service of sustainable change through deep humanization of and respect for all beings, and the intention of seeing all humans in motion and with capacity as part of a community to tap into our most innate and natural selves and recognize this in each other. 


Lead Educator & Practitioner at Mycorrising

estephanie is an educator, consultant, queer, Brown, multi-racial, primarily spanish-speaking, and the oldest of five. descended of the Cumanagoto people, she lives in Penobscot territory, also called midcoast maine, with their husband and three dogs.

for nearly a decade now, estephanie martinez-alfonzo (they | she) has been tracking language down a set of winding trails exploring the relationships between linguistics, cultural mythologies, integrities, and healing- birthing their organization Mycorrising, which works with individuals, local, and national organizations. they help to illuminate developmental relational strategies and practices. these often include reflective organizational awareness, conflict transformation, accountability, natural organizational models, and other mechanisms which are rooted in more supportive and mutual paradigms that make room for everyone’s gifts to thrive.


estephanie is dedicated to re-membering their cultural traditions through food, dance, and story. with nature, community, and heart at the center of their work- they share embodied practices for decolonizing and cultivating deeper knowing to the natural within ourselves as pathways to re-membering our lifeways relationally.

Let’s Work Together

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